With the vast number of cars and limited spaces we have, car dents are a normal sight here in the country. However, even if it has become a common thing already, we’re sure that we’re all in agreement when we say that it’s still an unpleasant sight to look at. As such, people try to fix them ASAP. But having to bring your car to maintenance shops just to fix a dent can get a bit pricey. Given this, people have been constantly trying to fix it on their own. Curious about these methods that you can do at home? Then read on!


Boiling water method

This is a very common life hack for car enthusiasts. Try pouring boiling water on the car dent. When it’s flexible enough, push from the outside edge of the dent then work your way to the middle.

All you need is a teapot of boiling water, rubber gloves so you don't burn yourself, and another pot of cold water. Pour the hot water on the dent, and while it's warm, reach from the inside and pop it out. Then, while it's in the original shape, pour cold water so it quickly cools down.


Suction method

Just like the boiling water method, pour hot water or use a hair dryer to make the area more pliable. Afterwards, use a suction tool to pull the dent out. Remember to work your way towards the middle by starting at the edges. 

There are many different styles of car dent pullers that use a suction cup design to pull the dents out of your car’s body panels. The two main types of suction cup style dent pullers are those that encompass nothing more than the suction cup and the handle and those that have the suction cup between two hands or pads on either end of a rod with the suction cup in the middle.

Clear an area around the car body panel with the dent or dents that you will be pulling. This is done to ensure that if you don’t apply enough suction to the body panel

There are a lot of online shops that sells dent puller suction cups crawling over social media if you are having a hard time to look for one.


Seek the professional

If you have the money to spare but does not have the luxury of time to do a little manual labored DIY, head out to professional car shops that offers dent repairs and repaints.­­­­­


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