How to Fund your Dream car

Success is hard work meets the right opportunity.

 Are you a Dreamer like me? My mentor T.Harv Eker once said in his seminar, “What you focus on expands”. I always choose to focus on the possibility of gaining the best by becoming first-rate in anything I do. What you focus your mind into will grow, and grow tremendously. One of my goals in life was the uplifting of the great masses in our society; that was where I directed my energy, my time and my life. This was my purpose and social responsibility. Naturally on the other side, I also have my personal wants:  my dream mansion, travel destinations, and of course dream cars.

When I was growing up in order to get what I wanted, I had to work really hard. Like most of us, I attained this mindset from my parents, relatives and culture. But then I saw reality. Many people work so hard and yet don’t amount to what they expected. A lot of people live their lives not knowing what they want. Hard work is essential. But do you know WHY? Your working your hardest for something is a game changer.

Many years ago, I sold my only car and took out a mortgage to start my business. I was certain that the financial freedom I wanted could only be obtained by being in a business and not in employment. It was certainly not the easiest of choices I made as it does take a lot of guts and commitment – especially when things turn from bad to worst, the pressure alongside the usual bills coming in as if the world was against your dreams. I was young, inexperienced, and pretty much made lots of bad decisions. But that didn’t dampen my determination to bounce back every time I fell down because I knew I could get back up and give it a another try. I never saw myself as a failure, but as a work in progress. I was always learning and I was eager for success. Those were the attitudes I had when it came to my business and me. As years passed, failure came first most of the time. And although some success did arrive eventually, it was not consistent. I wanted to know the secret behind the consistency of success and why some people seemed to constantly be a success. I just kept telling myself that I just had to know.

It all started with the right mindset. For instance, with the car I wanted.  I had that typical, practical mentality when it came to automobiles. What changed? When I had the taste of something better! The first time I actually tried driving a luxury car was a BMW 2-door, top down. I remember it like it was yesterday. That’s when my DESIRE for a luxury car came out. That’s my first tip-  You will never know what you want unless you try it. Many people just pass by car establishments and never stop to look at the cars. When you buy clothes, don’t you try them on? It’s the same thing with cars. You look and see if it FITS you! If you WANT it and if the DESIRE IS THERE, don’t be afraid to try it out! Better yet, take it for a test drive first. 

This inspired me to work more, push myself harder. Learn to adjust your income not your dreams.

When Jackie Chan saw an Oscar trophy 23 years ago at Sylvester Stallone’s house, he touched it, kissed it, smelled it and said to Stallone these exact words: “I WANT ONE”. After 200 films, 56 years in the movie industry and countless broken bones, he finally accepted his first Oscar from the Academy Awards!

  "All the hard work will definitely pay off, you just have to believe". 


Throughout the years, learned the importance of having a goal and the skills to make money and be successful. But I realized the one thing I still lacked was the millionaire mindset - my financial thermostat. I knew that I needed to set my financial thermostat higher. So on May 2013, I committed myself to a five-year plan of becoming a millionaire and to give more value to others based on the experiences I’ve accumulated from both life and business. And true to that, three years after I set my thermostat higher, my whole world changed. I finally got the things I wanted in life: A beautiful wife, a wonderful son, the time to travel the globe, becoming an international speaker, and a my dream car. When I bought my first luxury car, I said to myself “It was worth the wait”. I am now setting my goals and thermostat even higher, not just for are working with me, to help them reach their dreams and goals.

If you want to achieve your dreams and life goals as well, I have 3 tips for you:

1.Know what you want in Life
You have to be clear on what you want. Be specific and don’t keep changing your mind. When setting goals, such as a car, you have to know what brand, color, model, etc. It has to be precise. Don’t think about the journey, just know the destination.
Personal development is one of the keys to get what you want. Don’t pursue Success, you must pursue Excellence! When you become Excellent, Success will pursue you!

2. Improve on yourself.

3. Get into Sales. Open multiple streams of income.
To get your dreams, you need money. When it comes to money the best way to fund your dreams is to get yourself into sales. My recommendations are get into Network Marketing, Build your own Business or be Self-Employed


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