• Clean your car before storing it

You need to pamper your baby once in a while, a proper clean will do your car good. Especially at this time of year when it is just stored and in idle it may gather dust or other things cause damage over time. In this article, Blade emphasizes the importance of cleaning your tires. This will get brake shavings, grease and mud off, which can all cause damage after a while.

As ever, use the two-bucket method, rinse with free-flowing water and dry with a leather chamois for a tidy finish and to make sure everything is removed. As well as being good for your car, it’ll be a productive task to keep you busy at home.


  • Clean and protect the interior

Your car interior can be a habitat for dangerous microorganism, including the coronavirus. Give the interior a good vacuuming and clean while you’re in lockdown. It’ll remove the bad odors that you don’t want to smell on your return and prevent damage to the interior materials of your car.

Put some moisture-absorbing silica gel in there for good measure to prevent mold from growing.


  • Tires, handbrake and more

Leave it in gear so that it could better help your car’s current condition. This will save your handbrake cable from stretching, and your brakes from binding over long periods.

Keep the car fueled up, to prevent moisture from developing in the tank and leading to rust.

Also pump your tires up to avoid flat spots developing if it isn’t being used make sure to always have this checked to not further your tires.


  • Keep your battery charged

The best thing you can do when leaving your car for long periods, is not actually leave it. You have to at least start the engine of the car even when it is in park. Running your car will help keep the battery charged, but you should only drive during the lockdown if strictly necessary.

The most common failure on cars are kept idle for a while is a dead battery.


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