How to remove stickers or adhesive residue on your car

Living in Metro Manila usually entails a lot of stickers on our windshields. Since they’re used to let us pass our villages with ease or to drop our kids at school. However, it’s usually a hassle when that time of the year comes when we have to change them for a new one. The stressful task of having to remove the old sticker can get a bit bothersome. Regardless, it’s a necessary evil. So, how do we remove old stickers and make your windshields in tip-top shape to put on the new one?


You’ll be surprised by the number of things in this list that can be found in the comfort of your home, and vinegar is no exemption. To remove the sticker, heat up the vinegar, then take a piece of cloth and soak it. Then, place it on top of the sticker and wait for five minutes before you peel it off.

Mayonnaise or Peanut Butter

Yes, the mayonnaise and the peanut butter we consume actually have dual purposes. More than the fact that they help us enjoy our bread more, they can also help us clean up the old stickers in our windshields because of the oils they contain. Just rub a portion on the sticker then let it sit for five minutes. Afterwards, peel the old sticker off. 

Rubbing alcohol

The most common tool people use to clean up stickers – rubbing alcohol. Just simply pour it on the old sticker then peel it off.


WD-40 Anti Rust Lubricant

Don't you just dread trying to remove the gummy, sticky residue from stickers on items you purchase. Try spraying the sticker with WD 40, let it rest a minute and then gently scrape off. Afterwards wash the area with liquid dish detergent and it's gone.

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