Lack of Consistency on the Self-Driving Technology

There is a rising development of the advanced self-driving technologies for cars these days. However, some of the first ones failed to meet the expectations of the car enthusiast.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducted a recent study that there are a lot of drivers who are still not convinced about the effectiveness of the lane-centering systems. This came along a week after AAA revealed the results of its research that the automatic emergency braking systems performed inconsistently. It’s actually worse at night.

In the study, the participants drove the aforementioned cars on rural roads and highways. They acknowledged that the centering system works best on highways, but a big percentage were in doubt of its ability to be able to detect lane markings or stopped vehicles ahead.

Also, the study figured that the participants have more trust on adaptive cruise control systems that helped them maintain a safe distance and steady speed from the car in front of them.

“Across all the vehicles we tested, the drivers had more faith in the automated systems’ ability to maintain a steady speed and a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of them than their ability to keep them safely in the center of their lane,” IIHS Senior Research Scientist Ian Reagan said, the lead author of the study. “But how well they perceived the lane-centering technology to work had a bigger impact on how they rated the overall experience.”

The goal of this study is to check on the link between driver’s perception and acceptance of automated systems on how well these technologies function.


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