Keep your car clean—and shiny this rainy season

RAINY days are here again. Let nature wash your car---probably not. Dirt and minerals in the rain will result in watermarks and make your car dull. Here’s how to wash your car and keep its shine during the wet weather season.

Wash frequently. You read that right. Although you might think it’s useless to wash the car during the rainy season, it’s actually for the best interest of your car to have it washed frequently. This is to remove dirt and grime it has collected from driving through wet, muddy surfaces. Use quality shampoo to scrub off debris gently.

Although there’s plenty of water during the rainy season, sometimes a waterless wash and wax make for a quick and easy cleaning and safe to use for in-between washes during the rainy season. (insert product)

Clean the windows. Clean windows make your car look good, but it’s also a safety measure you can do especially during this season. Apply a proper glass cleaner and treat with a Rain Repellent film to keep a clear vision while on the road. 

Rinse off.  Rainwater can leave watermarks on the surface of your car if it sits there for a long time. Get good quality rubbing compound to remove it and keep the paint job shiny.

Buff up. After a good wash, protect the car with wax. This step will seal and create a protective layer on the paint so it’s protected from contaminants like dirt, dust, water, and more. It also makes it easier to clean it. Buff with a microfiber towel or applicator pads.

Seal it off. Water can leak inside the car. Check rubber lining on doors for wear and tear so you can repair or replace them before you drive out in the rain. Spray on some anti-corrosion on exposed metal parts to prevent rust from developing. 

Car care maintenance doesn’t stop all season, so make sure your car is always prepared to weather any storm. Don’t forget to check on tires, windshield wipers, washer and brake fluids, and make sure to clean inside as well to keep interiors dry and fresh.


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