LOWKEY KILIG MOMENTS from the film “THE NEXT 12 DAYS” you should not miss!
The little things matter the most. When Daniel (Akihiro Blanco) was in a store, he saw a neck pillow and thought of purchasing it for Camille (Mary Joy Apostol) just because.


    Call us old school but who isn’t a sucker for pinky promises? We all know how deep and genuine this is when a promise is based on the pinky swear.


    Life comes unexpectedly. The circumstances on how Mark and Karen met again was mere coincidence, but you can definitely feel a spark between them!


    Despite the longing of Camille, she decided to just support Daniel in his career path, imagine someone who could actually care this much for you to the extent of making you promise things.


    Imagine our fairy tale come true, Mark despite just being friends with Karen, stood by her and defended her from the people who were trying to take advantage of her.


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