Scenes that will make your blood boil

Despite having a bit of relationship problems, Daniel goes up and approaches this lady who seems to be his ex, Cathreen at a bar. Seems like he wanted to do more than just a simple catch up?


Daniel seems to not have any second thoughts on not informing Camille (the current girlfriend) that the dream job he plans on pursuing was offered/recommended by his Ex!! Talk about a red flag in this situation??


Don’t be the reason someone else has to stop their dreams and give up on it just because it doesn’t benefit you and makes you sad. Be supportive instead of being a hindrance. This is how Camille is to Daniel.


Where is the respect for Camille?? Cathreen (the ex girlfriend) cannot take a hint. She cannot stay away from Daniel despite knowing that he is currently in a relationship.


There are times wherein you can still handle what’s happening, but sometimes it already reaches the breaking point. Camille had enough of Daniel, so what will happen to their relationship now?


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