Exterior coating first!

Apply protective coating to protect your car exterior from countless threats like mud, dirt or abrasive materials which often come with the rain, applying protective coats is definitely the first tip to mention.

Then comes a thorough wash after rains!

The car exterior still likely to have water or dirt trapped inside, which may eventually cause serious damages to car parts. It is crucial to keep the car gloss and operation efficiency so better clean immediately. You can think of some cleaning products like deep-cleaning foam which removes stubborn grits stuck in the paint or hard-to-reach areas. Places that shouldn’t be overlooked are wheels.

Wheels and tires once again!

Each of the cars’ special parts needs different protective measures and not all are the same. For wheels and tires, a quality tire dressing kit is a must in your home at all times. Besides, to ensure rubber tires are safe against harmful elements during rainy weather.


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