Monster BMW on the loose!

There is no such thing as “stock” for this performance European firm. Known for its outrageous builds, the Hannover company is pushing the bar of performance by rebuilding this X6’s turbocharged 3.0-Liter inline-six to a PP-Performance Phase 1 upgrade. Clearly, the direction for the build is to shock and awe anybody who can see this modified metal behemoth driving down the stretch of pavement, on and off the track.

With existing partnerships with PP-Performance, Brabus and Startech, in Hannover represents Hamann as well. Being a performance company, threw caution out the window and equipped this already fast BMW with diverse upgrades and power that increased from 376 hp to a much healthier 437 hp, with torque increasing from 546 lb-ft to 623 lb-ft.

The X6 now sports tall and fat Hamann EVO II Black Line 22-inch wheels. The body is given a distinctive black chrome vinyl wrap, while the roof, side view mirrors, door handles, and the diffusers have a black brushed finish. The windows are also tinted to complete the dark effect.

With regards to the exterior, the wheel-tire-combination – the crew left no stone unturned in creating an urban monster and collaborated with Hamann for an assortment eye-catching aftermarket parts and accessories. The Hamann rims are in 10.5×22 offset40 with tires in the dimensions 295/30 R22 on the front axle and 12×22 offset28 with 335/25 R22 on the rear axle, plus Hamann spacer discs. The installed Hamann wheel panels function as fender flares and the Hamann lowering springs provide the traction and stance that compliments the overall look of the SUV.

Eventually, the power unit with its original data of 381 PS and 740 Nm had to endure a PP-Performance power upgrade of Phase 1 at in combination with a BMC high-performance air filter. Now, 443 PS and 845 Nm are available as long as you can reach deep into your pocket.