Parking Policy in the Philippines

Generally speaking, you cannot park on the side of the road with a NO PARKING signage on it. You can park on streets without No Parking signs as long as its not a private road with its own car park rules and adhere to these following exceptions:

  • At or inside an intersection
  • Never Block a Driveway
  • Double Parking
  • Within a crosswalk
  • within the vicinity of footbridges or overpass
  • All major national roads.
  • Stay away at least 4 meters from a fire hydrant, entrance to and fire station
  • Stay away at least 6 meters from the intersection of curb lines

Blocking/Parking on a Driveway

One of the most trigger inducing moves any driver can do against their fellow man is blocking their own driveway. These are the things that can get people to post you on Facebook and tell on you to local TV host Raffy Tulfo.

Parking Laws in Residential Areas

If its not enough rules yet well guess what, you will also have to learn each village’s and residential area's specific guidelines. These areas are considered to be private areas so abiding by their own rules is a must or risk earning a violation.

Within the walls of these residential areas, they strictly adhere to no double parking laws and obstruction laws due to the narrow roads. Also, keep in mind that most of these villages are gated communities so be wary about blocking driveways.

Law parking in front of the garage

If you have your own garage but have multiple cars and both of them would not fit, is it okay to park right in front of your own garage? This is quite a tricky question because, on the one hand, you are not obstructing someone else’s driveway but your own and therefore aren’t really hurting anyone.

Laws against sidewalk parking

The previous point leads us to this matter, you cannot park along the sidewalk. If your car sticks out of your own property and is parked on the curb or sidewalk it obstructs people from walking freely on the designated sidewalk opening them up to harm due to oncoming traffic.

Parking law: Parking on the street

Street parking is like manna from heaven. You can see this implemented in Makati City within the streets of Barangay San Lorenzo and the execution is great. They do charge quite a fee for it and you are limited to 3 hours but sometimes that time is all you need.

Maybe you just need to grab a bite or have a quick meeting. Street parking is not utilized in all cities due to the sizes of the street, otherwise, it is illegal to park on the side of the street especially major thoroughfares unless otherwise allowed to do so.

Fines for illegal parking 

As just announced by MMDA last December 2019 the fine for illegal parking in the Philippines has been increased and stated as below:

Illegal parking


Illegal parking (Attended vehicles)

From P200 to P1000

Illegal parking (Unattended vehicles)

From P500 to P2000


From P150 to P1000


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