NBA players and their sick cars

Some of us can only dream of being professional NBA players. The idea of being able to earn money while doing something you’re passionate about is something many people yearn for. For these NBA stars, they usually spend the thousands of dollars they earn from the league and their endorsements on different things like mansions, luxury clothing, or great gadgets depending on their personality. However, one thing that is a common for almost all NBA players is there love for dope expensive cars

Derrick Rose – Bugatti Veyron ($1.7 Million)
Of course one of the most popular NBA players owns the automotive that’s often regarded as the supercar .
Dwyane Wade – Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren ($500,000)

Three-time NBA champion, Dwayne Wade, opts for a timeless car that doesn’t compromise performance.


LeBron James – Maybach 57S ($415,000)

This spacious luxury car is perfect for family man, LeBron James.


LeBron James – Rolls Royce Phantom ($400,000)

Of course, LeBron James also owns this classic looking car that’s all about opulence and luxuriousness.


Russell Westbrook – Lamborghini Aventador ($387,000)

Russell Westbrook seems like he prefers open-top cars that are equal parts sporty and sleek.


Dwyane Wade – Ferrari F12 Berlinetta ($330,000)

Dwayne Wade also owns Ferrari’s daily-driver car that mixes comfort and luxury in one.


LeBron James – Ferrari 599 ($300,000)

We swear we didn’t intentionally mean having 3 of LeBron James’ cars here. It just appears that the NBA star really has a thing for luxury cars since he also owns the 599, which was Ferrari’s grand tourer flagship model between 2006 and 2012.


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