Park Like a Pro with Blade Parking Assist System 4 Sensor PSD400

The Real Challenge

Backing up a car is oftentimes a challenge, whether you’re maneuvering your way in a tight parking lot, or reversing out a driveway, driving any kind of vehicle backwards is really tricky. This is why parking sensors came into the picture. These devices allow drivers to be confident in backing up their cars safely by providing live feedback when you’re getting too close to an obstruction.


Parking with Ease

Many modern vehicle models come with pre-installed rear sensors for parking, but if your big toy is not one of them, you don’t have to worry. There are a lot of after market parking sensors available now today. One of them is the Blade Parking Assist System 4 Sensor PSD400. These devices helps you back up safely no matter what you drive.


Blade Parking Assist System 4 Sensor PSD400 helps drivers sense when objects are in a vehicle’s blind spot that helps prevent accidents. Let’s all admit that parking is really one of the biggest challenge for a driver, may it be normal mall parking or the extra challenging parallel parking. With Blade Parking Assist System 4, you can park like a pro and save you from unwanted sudden spending due to minor car scratches that causes headache.


The Features

The Blade Parking Assist System 4 Sensor PSD400 is equipped with four ultrasonic sensors with premium quality that you can place at rear of your car.

It also comes with intelligent detection feature and warning buzzer sounds to alert the driver when there is an obstruction near the rear of the car.

Rain or shine, park like a pro with the Blade Parking Assist System 4 Sensor PSD400 with its weatherproof feature.

With this model’s quality and features given the price, it's a great bang for your buck.


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