Protect Your Car Without Sacrificing The Looks, Or Depth Of Shine


This product is a cleaner/sealant that will not only clean the car but apply a hard durable acrylic finish that is frost proof, heat proof and shrink proof. Originally formulated in 1958 as the worlds first wet application wax, car-lack 68 has been constantly improved and redesigned to offer the very best in car care protection without sacrificing looks, or depth of shine.



One interesting fact about the cleaning properties of this product is that it absolutely contains no abrasives. We will say that again Car-Lack 68 is completely abrasive free meaning you can use this product as many times as you desire without damaging your paintwork in the long term.

A well known product within the USA called Klasse is proving to be very popular due to its acrylic sealing properties. Klasse is actually based on an old formula revision of Car-Lack68 that has been rebranded to Klasse to make it sound more appealing to the US market. Carlack is a strong favourite among the concours show and shine crowd as it allows you to use it as a base layer to provide an extremely glossy sheen and then topped up with ’Acryl Wax’ (CarLack68 Long Life Sealant) to give an absolutely outstanding depth of shine wet look. Due to the matching properties of Klasse and Car-Lack68 with the exception of the nano-technology included in Car-Lack 68 that gives better adhesion of the Acrylic seal giving a thicker denser protective layer, this winning formula can be used in exactly the same way. Use Car-Lack68 as a base layer and then top up with your favourite Carnauba wax or acrylic layerable sealant. The results are simply unbeatable!

In 1993 it was discovered by the Federal Agency of Materials (Berlin) that UV rays combined with Acid/mineral rain water could damage paintwork (commonly known as rain spots/water etching) in a very short period of time. To combat this, the formula of Car-Lack68 was updated to completely protect the paintwork against UV sun rays thereby near eliminating the problems caused by acid/calcified rainwater. No other product in the car care market provides this level of protection.

Fast forward 11 years to 2004 and CarLack further improved the formula by introducing their nano technology (each molecule = 1,000,000/mm3 = one millionth of a cubed millimetre) formula application into Car-Lack68 Systematic Care. In laymans terms that means better adhesion to the paintwork and to itself giving a greater density of acrylic seal. Something Klasse does not offer due to its old formula revision based on Car-Lack68.

No other acrylic sealer on the market provides as much protection (including a certain well known product that is normally applied by dealers up and down the country for an extortionate charge which again is based on an old formula of Car-Lack68) to your vehicles paintwork and thats a promise.

Finally, due to the unique properties of Car-Lack68 it can be used on non porous plastics, metal, vinyl, ceramics, tiles and glass. It also can be applied to wet surfaces e.g. water covered paintwork

Extra gloss and depth of shine can be further enhanced by layering CarLack Long Life Sealant ’Acryl Wax’