Safe Driving Resolution For 2019

2019 is here! Do you have any New Year’s resolution in mind? Most people think of the usual activities as their New Year’s resolution such as exercising more, losing weight and lessening their bad habits such as smoking and drinking. We all know that there have been a lot of road accidents reported last 2018. From drunk driving and over speeding to as simple as cutting lanes. With that said, what if we all made a new leaf to drive more safely this year?

As part of Blade’s advocacy to help every driver in keeping our roads safe, here are some ways to make it happen this 2019!



Ensure that is always in safe operating condition and that means thorough routine and inspections by your trusted mechanic. Make sure to have everything checked based on the manufacturer-recommended intervals found in your vehicle’s manual.



Make sure to drive defensively in order to avoid an accident. Roads in the Philippines aren’t fully developed and sometimes there are unforeseen construction problems and holes. Also take in mind that there are a lot of motorists and public utility vehicles that do not display proper defensive driving behavior. In order to avoid accidents, here are some tips we would like to share.

  • Maximize and utilize vehicle safety features – Newer cars and trucks nowadays have built-in features such as dash cameras, backup cameras and blind spot sensors.
  • Anticipate hazards – Be wary of motorists, PUVs and pedestrians and anticipate that they “might” do something careless.
  • Slow down and follow traffic signs – Adjust your speed accordingly. Make sure to keep a 2 second cushion between you and the vehicle in front at all times. STOP BEATING THE RED LIGHT and drive cautiously.



Take in mind that the number one rule when driving in poor weather condition is to slow down. In addition, here are also some precautions and ways that you should take in mind when driving in poor weather condition.

  • Clean windows – Take a few minutes of your time to clean of all your windows in order to give you better visibility of your surroundings. 
  • Turn on your headlights – In any form of , always remember to turn on your headlights so others can you see and you can see them.
  • Always check your tires – Ensure that your tires are up to the task by having regular inspections by a professional notably before long drives. Make it a habit to check on your tire tread and tire pressure.
  • Do not use hazard lights – this is a common mistake by drivers and motorists during . on your hazard lights might distract and confuse those vehicles who are in front, at the back or at your sides.



Nearly all of us know someone who might have been a car accident caused by unnecessary actions. Let’s all avoid that this 2019 shall we? Here are some friendly reminders to all drivers out there.

  • No phones, please – this has been a common reason for car accidents in the Philippines. Avoid texting or using applications and driving at the same time. If there is an urgent matter needed to be attended to, slowly move to a safe corner and turn on your hazard. Or might as well use Bluetooth enabled earphones 
  • Don’t eat and drive – Trust us, your burgers or donuts will still taste good later.
  • Turn down the radio – you can still enjoy music and at the same time be able to hear emergency vehicles.
  • If something fell, don’t reach for it – it’s not the end of the world if you drop your phone on the floor. Pick it up later.



Us as drivers have the sole responsibility for keeping our passengers safe as well as ourselves. Always stay alert and be vigilant of your surroundings. As part of the Blade’s initiative to keeping our roads safe. Here are some items that would definitely help you this 2019!