How to Keep Your Kids Occupied on your Holiday Trip Car Ride

We’re sure that we are all in agreement when we say that everyone looks forward to holidays. The idea of having to lounge around the beach or having to enjoy the cold weather in another place that Manila can’t give you is usually a reason enough to celebrate. More than this though, you get the chance to spend time with your family. And these holiday trips are usually a great way to bond with your kids while everyone is enjoy. However, it’s not always super easy to travel with your kids. In fact, the car ride going to your destination could be a pain, especially if you have toddlers who have short attention span. Your toddlers can get you off the mood if they simply won’t cooperate. Given this, here are 3 tips how to keep your kids occupied just in time for your holiday trip car ride.


Bring lots of toys or even an Ipad

Shapes and colors easily distract kids. So, make sure that you bring their favorite blocks, download a few games or hook their Ipad/s to Youtube so that they can just play and be completely focused on what they are doing.  With this option, you’re sure to get some peace and quiet too just in time for an eventful holiday trip!


Create a neat playlist

Compile a Spotify playlist that your kids will surely enjoy. Apart from nursery rhymes, add in a few pop songs so you could join the fun as well. This is a great way to start the bonding experience. Imagine 10 years from now, you’ll hear the same songs and reminisce about that one holiday when you all finally settled on a song to sing. Make sure to upgrade your head unit to experience music and more! 


Make sure you have a lot of snacks

Give your kids something to munch on while they’re watching. Not only will it make them less grumpy, but it will also make sure that once they’re full, they’ll probably just sleep until you get to your destination. 


Travel at night

If you really want peace and quiet, then you should travel at night. At least with this, your kids will just sleep through the drive and won’t complain about anything! Just be cautious and make sure that the driver got a lot of rest the night before! This way, you will also avoid the stressful traffic of the city!


Plan out pitstops

Yes, if you’re traveling you need to plan out pitstops. Apart from having to use the toilet, it is also a great way for your kids to stretch their legs and grab a bite. Plus points if it is in a great gas station cause there will be great food options as well!


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