Six Reasons Why You Should Have Tinted Car Windows

Enhance your driving experience this summer with a cool update—a window tint.  Sure, it might make your car manly, but there are many benefits for this added upgrade. Here are the six reasons to stick this ‘sunscreen’ onto your windows.

Reduces glare. A good tint film prevents glare from sources of extreme light and makes it easier and safer to drive especially during summer season. It blocks windshield glare and protects your eyes from eye fatigue because of the direct sun or from bright nighttime light sources.

Guarantees privacy and security. Now, privacy and security go hand-in-hand. Tint film lets you look outside but makes it difficult for outsiders to see what is happening inside. This ensures that you can do your thing in the comfort of your car without worry.  It also prevents chances of vandalism or theft as it protects valuables inside your car. Go for tint films with 4 mils to 14 mils thickness for that added security.

Ensures glass breakage safety. In the event of an accident, the adhesive at the back of the tint film holds the glass together and keeps it from shattering into thousand pieces upon impact with an object.

Enhances your car’s appeal. It’s a given it makes your car look cooler, makes the colors pop, and everything comes together for that Instagram moment

Protects you from the sun. The right tint film can reduce heat and block harmful U.V. rays away from passengers and your interiors.

  1. It safeguards you from the harmful rays of the sun. Car window tint blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet or U.V. rays which can cause skin aging.  
  2. It protects car upholstery from fading, discoloring leather and vinyl, prevent cracking, warping, and aging of car interiors and keeps it looking new longer.  
  3. It reduces heat inside the car by 60%, so your air-conditioning unit doesn’t have to work twice as hard during warmer months. This keeps everything cooler and improves your car’s fuel consumption because of air conditioning overuse.

Increases car’s resale value. Because it improves your car’s appearance, it also brings added resale value to your ride.

Tinting your car goes beyond aesthetic value, it has added benefits for you and your ride. To get your car window tint nicely done, be aware of a few regulations, for example your car is only allowed to be tinted for 30%. Stop by at a place like Blade Auto Center, they are aware of all these rules and regulations. Choose from great tint film brands like DUB, 3M and Xpel and get everything done quickly.

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