• Avoid driving in heavy ash conditions unless absolutely required.
  • When required to drive in ashy conditions keep speed below 55 kilometers per hour (35 mph) or lower. Do not follow too close to the car ahead and use headlights on low beam.


Oil change and air filters

  • Change oil often. In very dense ash conditions change oil at 80-160 kilometers (50-100 mi) intervals. In light ash conditions change oil at 800-1,600 kilometers (500-1000 mi) intervals. Lubricate all chassis components at each oil change.
  • Clean air filters by back-flushing filter paper with compressed air (30 lbs/in2). Caution—blow element from inside (clean side) to outside (dirty side). DO NOT strike filters against anything. Air clean only. If unsure, have a qualified mechanic perform the air filter service. Inspect filters for dents or torn paper.
  • Clean the inside of filters and the filter cover with damp cloth before reinstalling filter.
  • Commercial truck filters can be installed to increase the filtering capacity of the cleaner. This would be beneficial for vehicles operating continuously in extreme dust conditions.
  • Air filter restriction gauges can be installed by qualified mechanics. The gauge will tell you when your air filter requires servicing in order to avoid over-servicing.
  • DO NOT install hose from carburetor air intake (air clean) to inside of car. Outside dust and ash will be drawn into vehicle.
  • Rags, or any other intended filtering material, should not be placed over the carburetor inlet inside the air cleaner element; serious damage to the engine and/or loss of vehicle control may result.


Outside vents

  • Cover passenger compartment vent inlet (located at base of wind-shield and usually under hood) with thick, loosely woven felt-type material to filter air into vehicles. With vent filter in place, keep heater blower high. Blower will slightly pressurize inside of vehicle and keep dust from entering through body gaps or holes. If a vent filter is NOT installed, keep air conditioner and heater blowers off.
  • Utilize 'internal-only' circulation option available on many modern cars.



  • Have a service garage clean wheel brake assemblies every 80-160 km (50-100 mi) for very severe road conditions, or every 800-1600 km (200-500 mi) for heavy dust conditions. The brake assemblies should be cleaned with compressed air.
  • Have service garage clean alternators winding with compressed air after heavy accumulation or every 500 to 1000 miles or after severe dust exposure.
  • Clean the vehicle, including the engine, radiator, and other essential parts daily, if necessary, using water to flush the ash. Wash the engine compartment with a garden hose or steam cleaner. Be sure to seal off air intakes and electrical components before cleaning.


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