The looks and cleanliness for every vehicle matters. If you’re anything like me, tidying up your car often feels like a chore that takes too much precious time on your weekends when that time could be better spent enjoying time with friends or family.


Wiping off dirt from your hood, scrubbing off stubborn brake dust and bug guts can take forever! But, taking the time to thoroughly clean your car’s paintwork, exterior and interior is well worth it when you see the end result. Seeing your car from a “warzone” look to a “brand” new look really pays off all the effort in wiping and scrubbing.


Now, here are 8 must haves you would need in cleaning your car and how to get the best result with minimal effort:


  1. Bucket and Sponge


As every teacher and coach would say, always start with the basics. A good quality sponge and a decent sized bucket will definitely allow you to have a continuous supply of soapy water to clean even the largest of vehicles.


Prepare two buckets to easily segregate the bucket where you clean off your dirty sponge vs the bucket to wipe off your vehicle.  One with your soapy solution and the other with fresh, clean water. With this kind of setup, you can easily rinse your sponge in the clean water to remove any dirt and debris before wiping it back to your vehicle.


Buying the best quality sponge or wash mitt will reduce the chances of having scratches to your vehicle. You may shop here for the best type of sponges.



This products will help eliminate hard water spots that can be left on your paintwork as a result of minerals in the mains water. Choose a liquid that bubbles up, to help remove the grit and grime on your paintwork. Some products offer car wash and wax in one bottle. While this may be good to save some time, it won’t provide as much protection or shine as a separate polish and wax. For a wide selection of car wash liquid, simply click  here.




As they say, your vehicle’s wheels are the Jordan’s shoes of your feet! The wheels on your car are subject to brake dust as well as road grime and tar and can be difficult to keep clean.


Remove this stubborn grit and grime by using a proper cleaner designed just for your wheels. It’s even more effective when combined with a wheel brush.

Simply spray the cleaner on to the surface of your wheels, attack the brake dust and grime with the brush and rinse to bring your wheels back to showroom condition! 



Traditional air purifiers, the kinds designed to hang from your rear view and clip onto the passenger side air vent, can add a pleasant scent to your vehicle. But there is a cost effective product which you can use. Simply buying car scents to your taste and keeping them inside your vehicle will definitely help in banishing bad odor or smell. Blade Automotive offers a wide variety of car scents for you and even product bundles! 



What is it about microfiber cloths that make them so great at cleaning your vehicle? Microfiber cloths are so soft that they don't scratch your car's finish and they don't leave lint behind on the body, paint, windows, or lights. These microfiber cloth mitts improve upon the utility of microfiber cloths by amping up the convenience factor.



Save yourself the effort and time from lugging the house vacuum outside to clean your car interior and shift for this lightweight wet/dry compact cleaner instead. It is light weight and has completely convenient attachment and washable filter! Now, it’s time to suck up all those dirt from the hidden corners of your car! 



As Mr. Miyagi would guide you through his daily training of wax on and wax off, this is the same for the glass cleaner! Spray it on, then wipe it off—that's all it takes to make your car practically invulnerable to water marks, bug splats, and road spray. Think of it as an insurance policy against poor visibility. You can't prevent path of insects, or the behavior of your fellow drivers on the road—but you easily take an effective step toward ensuring your own safety. Who wouldn’t want their vehicles’ glass to be sparkling and clear? 


Always keep in mind, a clean car is a happy car! Your car represents who you are! Aside from these 8 must haves for cleaning your car, there are also a lot more you can do to make your vehicle clean! Drop by at Blade Auto Center today and check out great deals or shop online at