Do's and Don'ts when driving

Social media are littered with videos of various traffic related accidents, whether it's a motorcycle, bus or car. While some of these can sometimes be amusing, the bottom line is accidents are a serious and could be fatal matter for both drivers and passengers. The majority of accidents occur because drivers are impatient, which is caused by the highly stressful driving environment of Metro Manila. Knowing this, it's always best to be mindful of how you’re driving out there. 

1. The car doesn’t jerk when you set off

Driving away from a standstill is taken for granted, some drivers are in such a rush they stomp on the pedal. This creates a whiplash effect that snaps passenger's heads into the headrest. Remember the driving school technique treat the pedal like an egg!

2. Avoid sudden braking

Sudden braking is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous, it can lead to accidents as the vehicle behind you might not have enough time or space to react causing it to rear end your vehicle. Remember to always be focused on the road, be mindful of the traffic flow to better judge your braking.

3. Yield to others if necessary 

Sometimes slower driving tends to leave a space in front of you for others to possibly merge, if a driver has properly indicated his intention to merge into your lane don’t be like others who stomp on the gas and try to close the gap. Relax, we’re all just trying to get to our destinations, no need to be a road hog.

4. Properly use your indicators

The proper way to use your indicators is to turn them on signalling your intention to change lanes or turn left or right, and SLOWLY move towards the direction you want. Don’t under any circumstances change directions within 1 second of your indicators being turned on.

5. Park Properly

One of the most annoying things for motorists is when they think they’ve found a parking spot only to find out the car next to it is effectively taking up both spaces. Nobody ever said everyone has to have arrow straight parking, but at least be mindful of staying in your own slot.


6. Change lanes early and stick to it

Changing lanes early means to do so before any concrete dividers so that you aren’t disrespectful to the other motorists by jumping the cue or disrupting traffic flow. It's also better to stick to your lane and avoid swerving from lane to lane which could cause an accident. Be patient, you’ll reach your destination eventually.

7. Read and follow the street signs


Street signs are sometimes hard to read or hard to spot, but it's better to be safe rather than sorry out on the road, keep an eye out for signs such as “Right/Left lane must turn right” “One way street/No entry” among others. Doing so prevents you from committing traffic violations or becoming an obstruction on the road.

8. Stay focused

Don't be distracted by non-driving things such as the radio, billboards, your cellphone or even conversations with passengers. As the driver it is your job to drive safe and get everyone where they need to be. 


9. Keep your vehicle in good condition
Being a courteous driver on the road does not only mean your driving style has to be on point. This also translates to how well you maintain your vehicle, breakdowns cause traffic jams and so do slow moving vehicles that can't keep up with traffic. Use Pertua Oil and metal treatment on your next engine change, formulated to improve acceleration, increase fuel economy and prolong engine life with reduced noise and vibrations.