The Most Popular Car Color for 2021

The car’s color usually makes or breaks the over-all look of a car. Usually, it’s the last thing that car buyers think about. However, when they finally buy it, they usually think to themselves why they didn’t think about it hard enough. After all, it’s something they have to literally see everyday.


A few years ago, people loved white colored cars. You can really see them left and right. However, a study by BASF, a paint and chemical producer, revealed that blue shades are the most popular hue this year. In fact, since 2018 it’s been considered as the most in demand color. Though it only came as second to white a few years ago, it has now surpassed it. This is most probably attributed to the fact that it is easier to maintain and it looks super sleek.


Given blue’s popularity, BASF is releasing different tones with Undercurrent Blue, a strong a deep blue, being their hero product. Apart from it, they are also releasing “Cabochon, a color that travels from a deep blue to an elegant silver-green, and the intense Preternatural Blue, made bolder by a blue-tinted clearcoat.”


Specific to Asia, according to BASF, they think that Grey will also be a popular color. As such, they are releasing Gray Ambivalence because it will “integrate well with a culture that is taking the lead when it comes to humans interfacing with artificial intelligence, although its name for this metallic gray seems more reflective of a baby boomer’s stance on millennials.”

Given the study, what car color are you getting for that car you’ve been eyeing on? Will it be a safe-neutral grey color? Or will you make it blue to look cool and young?


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