The Spooky Secret Within Waze Application

People nowadays often use WAZE as their primary mobile application in guiding them to their destination. With its easy navigation interface and real time traffic report, it has been a tool that eased up the life of motorists.


I’ve heard several rumors about a weird 3 cross figure of roads within the navigation application and out of curiosity, I eventually checked it out myself. At first, I told myself that it may have been a photo edited by online netizens just for gags and for the thread to go viral. To my surprise, it was true!


Within the central NCR area just a couple of clicks away from Antipolo, you will be seeing 3 cross figure looking roads.


Slowly zooming in, there were a lot of roads with different street names of colors which didn’t sound special at all.

Now here is where it gets spooky. After scrolling to the other streets, there have been several buildings that didn’t seem right at all. Some notable buildings were named after incidents that went viral online a couple of years back such as “Dala aka ng Fuds Condominium” and “Where dreams die”. There was even a building named “Squatters’ Area”.


Even competing fast food chain companies were notably seen, but with a little twist between their brand names such as “Jollibear drive-thru” or “McDoober”.

Could this be a glitch within their system? Or was their application hacked? There are a lot of rumors running around with this discovery for some time. But I personally believe that these may have been an area for experimentation and tests of the applications by the developers.


Why not try it out and check it for yourselves? It is somehow amusing to see!