1. Giving tips in a car wash

As we all know, one of the establishments where tipping is expected is at the carwash. The customer’s tip can depend on several factors like the price of the service, the size of the vehicle, how satisfied the customer is, and if this is the usual personnel who serves them.

Most of the time, the customer will just tip the attendant with whatever paper bill he or she can fish from his pocket first.

2. The size of the vehicle

The tip would also be based on the size of the since it would require more materials, labor, etc. These vehicles, usually four-door sedans and hatchbacks, are common in the city. If you ordered the basic service of a plain wash with shampoo and a cloth-drying procedure, P30.00 should be fine

If there’s more than one attendant cleaning your car, you can opt to split the amount with both of them. If you’re feeling generous, you can give them both an individual tip. Depends on how satisfied you are with their service.

Full-service means full-on cleaning service typically involves multiple processes. It usually starts from cleaning the inside and outside of the car, including vacuuming. The attendants may also clean under the hood if you ordered a service that includes that. So tip can be higher this time around.

3. Additional services

The usual services that most carwash shops offer are wash and vacuuming services. Although these are the most necessary steps to get a squeaky clean car, there are also other services that you can avail to make your ride look and (sometimes smell) even better.

Car polishing

Every vehicle out there is made with multiple layers of exterior coating. A polishing service buffs the topmost layer of your vehicle. The tools and devices used in polishing are designed to have abrasive agents. These are responsible for “reacting” with your car’s topcoat layer.

Car waxing

You can also spare some money for car waxing. Once your vehicle is polished, you can have it waxed next. The wax will act as a thin, protective coating on the exterior of your car.

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