Avoid carpooling

Carpooling is in the number one spot since it has lots of benefits and it is the cheaper alternative. However, it is not advisable in today's time to carpool. If your usual passengers have their own cars, then it's better for them to drive it – at least for now. For sure they would understand.

Wash your hands frequently

If you treat your car like your 'baby', then you wouldn't want to touch it with dirty hands. Before hitting the road, consider washing your hands with soap and water or use alcohol because it kills viruses. Or even yet, always have rubbing alcohol inside your car.

Don't drive while sick

No matter how much you are itching to leave your home driving sick is a risk already, how much more if you're infected by the virus. It is better to use your sick leaves rather than risking yourself on the road. Stay at home, quarantine yourself, and if that is not enough then attend to your local health facilities.

Clean your car

Clean your car especially the interiors and door handles since this is the area that is usually the first in contact with the virus. While cleaning, consider using gloves  for it can help prevent the spread of the virus.

Don't leave any trash in the car

Leaving trash inside the car increases the chance of the virus spreading inside what's worse is if you drive the same car every single day. So keep your car interior clean

Cover your car

Not everyone in the Philippines is privileged enough to have a parking space. So just cover your cars when it is parked outside or on the street. People passing by may unintentionally touch your car. Just hope that people won't touch your door handles.

Use face mask

If you'll go outside, you will notice that some people are wearing face masks inside their car. You may get weirded out at first, but it makes a lot of sense. Coughing, sneezing, and a droplet of your saliva can instantly spread the virus inside your car. 

Put rubbing alcohol and tissues inside your car

This may be the best piece of advice for all drivers out there. Keep at least one alcohol and tissue inside your car. Use it as you enter and leave the car or anytime you wish to do so.

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