Top 10 Brands of Motorcycles in the World

Harley Davidson

Its classic motorcycles have a vintage appeal that any long-time rider would die for. Harley’s are also known for their loud pipes. 



Yamaha specializes in on/off road motorcycles for the sports cyclist. Yamaha makes the motorcycles for fun off-road adventures rather than distance driving.



Most of Honda’s motorcycles don’t have the whistles and bells found in Harley Davidson and Ducati. Thus, Honda’s motorcycles are cheaper than those of its competitors.

Honda CRF250L Rally and Honda Rebel 300 are some of the popular motorbikes that bear the Honda name.



All bikes have timing engines for an excellent performance. The firm has won 14 rider world titles and 17 best manufacture titles. Ducati motorcycles include the 1970 Ducati 750 GT, Ducati Multistrada 950, and the 1987 Ducati 851.



Kawasaki would be known as the brand for high-performance fun from then on.

Now, Kawasaki focuses on beautiful sports bikes. They ride low to the ground and reach remarkable speeds. These are meant to be raced.

These bikes beg to be driven hard and fast.



BMW started as an aircraft producing firm. It was, however, forced to leave the aircraft industry when Germany signed the Versailles treaty.

Since then, the German-based company has been making high-quality motorcycles. They include the 486cc R 32, which was created in 1923.



This Japanese brand has a rich racing heritage and continues to embrace that today. Suzuki produces some of the fastest bikes on the market.

Suzuki created the first liquid-cooled motorcycle engine way back in the early 1970’s. It was released in their GT750 series in 1971.



The company went into business in 1901 in Springfield and has since gone through many changes aimed at improving the brand.

Initially, the company reduced its sales due to the Indian name stamped on it. However, with time, Honda decided to resurrect the name by producing motorbikes under the same name again.



The brand takes special orders from the clients and then makes a unique bike for them. As a result, all the motorbikes made by this company are unique in different ways and they rarely look alike.



Despite its name which makes it sound like it’s based in the States, the United company is located in India and is considered to be the second largest motorcycle producing company in India.

The name of the company is not yet very popular in the global market, but the company is rapidly gaining a popular reputation by producing high-quality motorcycles at low cost.


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