Top New Year's Resolutions of a Car Guy: What every car owner should do to keep their cars in top shape this 2019

2018 is almost over and this invites us to pause and reflect on the past year. 

It’s also that time of the year to start anew and think about your goals when you believe you can fulfill your New Year’s resolutions. If you feel like you can reinvent your life, try being nice to yourself for a start, and maybe your small steps will trickle down to all things that matter to you—like giving your car some TLC for a change. So. break the rut this year and be nice to your car as well.

I promise to keep your interior fresh. I will remember that giving you a thorough clean is the first step to keeping the inside smelling fresh and looking clean. I will keep you clean by vacuuming the interiors regularly. I will wipe the dashboard and clean the seats with leather conditioner and microfiber cloth. I will change the rubber mats and seat covers at least once a month. I will use a microfiber duster to brush off the dust to prevent scratches. I will not allow the kids nor the dog to eat inside the car, step inside with grimy shoes and paws, and remember to put a trash bin so no trash or food will be left inside the car. Lastly, I’ll place an air freshener to freshen up the cabin air to make our driving an enjoyable one.

Check out: Goodyear and Sparco Vacuum Cleaners, Microtex Leather Conditioner, Microtex Fiber Cloth, Sparco Rubber Mats; WeatherTech Heavy Duty Floor liners; Sparco Seat Covers; Microtex Car Duster; Blade/Ambi Pur Air Fresheners; Car Organizers

 I promise to change and top off your fluids regularly. Just as I know that putting in whole and natural food nourishes me, I will remember to also keep your engine in good condition by checking the oil regularly and changing it, as well as flushing the coolant once a year to keep you in tiptop shape. And I will promise not to neglect the brake fluid and wiper fluid, too.  

Check out: Pertua Motor Oil; Blade Coolant and Wiper Fluids

I will promise to give you a good  wash and a coat of wax. Because I want you looking great and shiny as new, I will remember to give you a good wash and not use and harsh chemicals. I will also remember to apply a new coat of protective wax at least every six months.

Check out: Blade/MicroMagic Car Care Buckets and Kits; Mother’s Wax

I promise to keep your windows and wipers in good condition. I don’t want to see scary stuff like stuck-on bugs, dust, or bird droppings (‘Don’t take off your blindfold!’) all over your windows. So, I’ll wash you regularly and treat you with rain repellent treatment film to get extra life out of your wipers. I will also remember to replace those wipers when they’re squeaky.  

Check out: Denso and OMP wiper blades; Blade Rain Repellent Treatment Film

I promise to keep your tires in good condition. I will remember that it’s the cheapest preventative maintenance. I promise to check your tire pressure often and make sure it’s properly inflated to extend the life your tread and save me money on gas.

I promise to remember to service the transmission. I know it will take time and money to have you checked, especially if you show suspicious behavior or sounds. I will not turn a blind eye, but  I will invest on having you check by a professional auto mechanic to avoid problems in the future that would even result to bigger costs.

I promise to not overload. I promise to keep it light and be gentle as every additional kilogram reduces fuel economy.

I promise to drive carefully. I promise to avoid aggressive driving and practice good driving habits to avoid accidents and save money by avoiding tickets and unnecessary repairs

I will remember to keep my vows to you this 2019, because I know if I keep you in good condition we can enjoy more drives together and you will stay in better condition for years to come. Here’s to more road trips together.