Blade's Top 7 Dashcam of 2019

Dash-mounted cameras have been around for more than a decade or so. Given the rise of social media where citizens upload all sorts of road problems may it be an abusive traffic enforcer down to road accidents using their dash cam has ignited into the public consciousness. These devices are now everywhere and used in by most motorists whether they are in a 4 seater vehicle or a two wheeled motorcycle. Part of that is due to the fact that dash cams really is a necessity in driving nowadays. The simple fact remains is that they can come in handy just about anywhere.

Here are the top 7 Dashcam picks of Blade Automotive for 2019!


The YI Smart Dash Camera combines a lot of top features of existing dash cameras on the market and provides protection to you and your car with great performance and affordability valued at only P3,099.00!

Designed with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), the camera analyzes data such as speed and the distance of the vehicle in front and sends real-time audio alerts in the event of straying from the lane or driving too close to the vehicle in front of yours. YI Smart Dash Camera supports 1920x1080p full HD video at 60fps, 2304x1296p ultra high-definition at 30fps, bright, clear and sharp images even at high speeds.



Blaupunkt, the German brand known for its in-car sound systems innovations, actually makes dash cameras pretty well. It’s pretty small in size and you would get the most of your view while driving. Having a dashcam in the car is mandatory these days as the hit-and-run cases in the Philippines are in a high-time rate and car crash scams are increasing. What makes a good dash cam is the resolution of the video captured and the space that the device takes up. Here is where Blaupunkt Digital Video Recorder BP 2.0 comes to play! It does not lack in anything, in fact, the BP 2.0 has 120°degree ultra-wide viewing angle in full HD 1080 P. It does not only records video, but also captures images with a click of a button from the panel. It is very easy to use given its “Plug and Play” feature. It is very affordable valued only at P3,449.00!



The Transcend Drivepro 550 Dash Cam featuers a dual lens camera and a large viewing angle, the dash cam simultaneously captures what is happening on the road and inside the vehicle. Yes, you got that right! Everything happening while you are driving is being recorded! The DrivePro 550’s front lens is equipped with a Sony image sensor with a large F/2.2 aperture and a 160° viewing angle that provides astonishingly clear images; the rear lens camera has four infrared LEDs that turn on automatically in dim light. These and other features mean the DrivePro 550 offers optimum protection inside and outside of the vehicle.

The DrivePro 550’s new Head-Up Display feature allows us to see our current moving speed on-screen along with safety alerts such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, headlight reminder, and even driver fatigue alert. When you are idle and parking, it changes its mode or the time-lapse video recording function is automatically enabled, the dash cam stands as your very own watch tower, recording all the happenings protecting the vehicle when you are away. Given all the functionalities of this product, it fetches a hefty price of P9,399.00 but is worth every Peso.



If you don’t have the budget of purchasing the Transcend Drivepro 550 Dash Cam, then this product is second to none! Price is lower the it’s upgraded 550 version and is valued at P7,399.00. The Transcend's DrivePro 230 dashcam was designed with both the stylish look and the priority of safety. It features a Sony image sensor to capture high-resolution videos with extremely fine tonal gradation even in low light. In addition, it also has a GPS/GLONASS receiver, a built-in battery, a handy snapshot button, and Wi-Fi connectivity. More than just a safety device, Transcend's DrivePro 230 is your travel buddy and is up to any adventures you have in mind.

The built-in Sony sensor is able to capture high-resolution images with astonishing, rich color even in low light situations. Its built-in Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology balances the light and dark areas of captured images, ensuring that every critical shot is as clear as possible.



Now, we’re down to the top 3 on our list! Polaroid as a camera brand is well known for its high-grade instant quality image and has now extended to the dash camera market. The product is best described as a small, compact and easily concealed dash camera. It features an HD recording of 1280 x 720p, 1M Pixel Sensor, 3.0” LCD screen, wide angle recording of 110˚ with F2.0 lens, 4 built in optics lens, motion detection, seamless loop recording, built-in G-Sensor which automatically locks the current clip during collision and supports up to 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC. Given all the amazing functionalities it provides, it us only valued at P3,999.00 and is commonly used by most motorists nowadays.



Second on the list of our top dash cameras is another Polaroid product which is the N302 FULL HD DRIVING RECORDER. There is a major hike in terms of affordability as it is valued at P7,499.00. The major factor in the upgraded version is its full HD recording in both video and photo. It also has a better and sleeker design vs it’s the B308 model with its 3.0” LCD color screen. It has better low light function enhanced by its Dark Environment Night Vision Mode which has astonishing clear videos and photos during the night. It has 2 Mega Pixel specs and a Wide angle of 160˚ recording with F1.8 Lens. The device supports up to 64GB Class 10 Micro SDHC.



To top the list is the Rearview Mirror Full HD Dash Cam by Blade! Now here’s the cool part with this. You don’t simply have a dash cam but a rearview mirror at the same time! It records Full HD 1296P high resolution video with loop recording and turns on automatically when car engine is on. Dimming mirror automatically filters the strong back lighting from the rear of the car, now don’t worry about those toxic drivers in your back flashing those heavy high beams at you. The enlarged mirror surface gives you a better viewing angle of the rear. When parked, the device will detect motion and start to record video given its Motion detection mode.

You can view a wide angle of 170˚ and has a dual camera function showing the visibility of what is happening outside and inside your vehicle. Don’t worry about low light situations, the device has a night vision mode to keep that clear images on dark days.

The product price fetch an affordable value of only P4,999.00. Definitely a value for money with all the functionality, the benefit and convenience this product gives!


There are a wide variety of dash cameras that may fit to your liking or budget. Drop by at Blade Auto Center today and check out dash cam deals or shop online at