Ways to Avoid Overpaying For Your Car

We’re all aware that Pinoys love cars, hello bad traffic. We also love it more because of the very low down payments, offers, and such. We have no doubts in purchasing it because it is our dream car.

Given all these offerings, we may not see the difference of our cars true value and starts overpaying for it. Here are some notes to remember to avoid this problem:


Get the right car for your needs.

We all want to avail our dream cars. However, what you want is different from what you need. Needs and wants are highly different–you probably need a space for your family, but you bought a small one instead. With this, you may need to consider on which car suits your current situation. If you have a big family, you may need to get a car that can fit all to avoid spending more for other areas like fare for passengers who would need to take another ride because they don’t have space in your car.


Check on the fees.

Before signing a loan or insurance policy, it is really important the you understand every item indicated on it. If you keep seeing additional fees in your monthly receipt, don’t hesitate to question because you might be paying for more than what you need. That’s why you need to be sure of all the fees that you are paying for, and again, don’t be afraid to have it removed if it’s not necessary.


Purchase on the right time.

Another If you want to save on your car purchase, you need to time it right. Another way to save is to know the perfect timing to purchase for your car. Promos during Holiday and end-of-model-year sales are exceptionally excellent times to buy a car. This is not a joke because dealers, during this season, offer a really huge discount!


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