What Your Car’s Smoke Signals is Telling You

When you own a car, there are about a thousand things for you to remember – some important, some not so much. Regardless, you’ll need to keep all of them in mind for unexpected occurrences that may happen. One of these unexpected incidents is when your car emits smoke. Let’s face it, your car releasing smoke is not for the faint of heart. It usually signals that something is wrong. But in that particular instance, how do you figure out your car’s problem? Well, to honestly tell you, it’s the color of the smoke that your car produces.



When you see white smoke, it’s probably because there’s a coolant leak. This problem is usually followed by an overheating problem. Given this, time to bring your car to the mechanic cause you might have cracked the cylinder head or blocked the engine completely.



Grey smoke is emitted when your engine burns your transmission, a faulty turbocharger or when your engine is taking up too much oil. Though it might be a bit hard to determine if it is indeed grey, just take note of the smell. It usually had a sweet yet burning smell.



Blue smoke usually happens in two occasions – acceleration or deceleration. If you chance upon blue smoke during acceleration, you should go check on your piston rings. If it happens during deceleration, it is usually because of the piston head. Regardless, bring your car to the mechanic since there’s already probably an oil leak and burned oil in your car.



If you see black smoke, check your air filter because it’s most probably already clogged. However, if it’s still okay, it’s probably because of your manifold or fuel injectors. If all these are looking fine, bring your car to a mechanic stat! This is something you should really pay attention to because, most often than not, when you see black smoke, your car is not getting enough outside air. As such, it burns too much fuel.  


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