When bigger is better: Surprise the Car Lover with their Dream Car

How to surprise your loved one with a brand new car

There’s no bigger surprise Christmas gift for a car enthusiast than receiving—you guessed it—a brand new car. It’s not as simple as buying the latest smartphone or iPad, but it’s definitely possible and it’s a
delight to see your loved one light up when they receive the ultimate present.

So, if you’ve got your finances down pat and you want to go the extra mile in making this their best Christmas ever, then buckle up because here are some pointers on how to surprise them with their
dream car.

Choose the right car. Look around and visit local car dealerships to help you find pick out the right vehicle that your recipient would be glad to receive. It will ruin the surprise if the recipient won’t like the
car, worse you can’t actually return it. So better be sure than sorry.

Talk to the car dealer. Ask about the styles and features your recipient might want before buying the car. What kind of car does the person like? What size or type? Are there features the person like? If you’ve already picked out one, collaborate with the car dealer and inform them that the car is a gift and arrange the pick up or delivery details without ruining your surprise.

Decide who will pay for the car. If you’re paying cash, then all you need is to pay for it and register the vehicle in the name of the recipient. If you’re getting a car loan, the car must be registered in either your name or as co-owner with the recipient. This, however, isn’t possible because it’s a surprise. It’s important to let the dealer know about the situation and ask if you can finance it under your name and then return with the co-owner to finalize the transaction after.

Place your order in advance. Don’t wait for the last minute to shop. If you’re looking for a particular model or color, and it’s not around, the dealer might have to order it and it may take some time. Make a huge leeway between your date of purchase and exact date of delivery and eliminate unexpected delays.

Think of insurance. Make sure your car purchase is insured. This will give you peace of mind especially if the person receiving it is your teenage son or daughter. There are various insurance policies available
and you can ask a quote. Car dealerships often make it accessible for their clients to get car insurance and sometimes it’s packaged with your car purchase.

It’s not an easy feat to pull off a big surprise, but it’s definitely worth it just to see your loved one bursting with joy to receive such a generous gift.

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