Cars with old standard keys

Cars with mechanical locks will be hard to break into at any time since thieves will have to use bulky tools and are more likely to be spotted



Difficult for theft to break into the car


It is easily hotwired


Older cars are less attractive targets for car thieves


Duplicate keys can be pilfered from the car owner


Without the duplicate key, it will be a bit of touch and go


There’s no ECU to engage the immobilizer


The key barrel in the steering wheel column can be replaced


Key lock and key barrel can wear out in time


It costs less to replace old-style locks and key barrels




Cars with keyless entry

Cars with wireless entry and auto start are the modern version of car locks without having to use physical keys. This involves an electronic key fob to enable keyless entry as well as keyless ignition.



Less moving parts


The code of the key fob can be cloned using relay attack devices


Modern security systems warn the owner remotely


Key fobs with RFIDs are expensive to replace


Centralized power locks give better security


Modern key fobs can be jammed and prevented from locking


There’s no physical key to break because it is electronic



Without the key fob, there’s no way to enter or start the car




Whether you have the standard or keyless way car thieves will not stop in coming up with increasingly creative ways to steal your precious possession, so it’s important that car owners are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each method, and resort to layering when necessary, to reduce the chances of the car being stolen.


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