Which Vehicle to Buy This 2020: Brand-New or Second-Hand Car?

The year has not yet ended but most of the car companies have already announced the vehicles they will be launching for 2020. Although there are no specific dates yet for these units to be released, but we can make sure that these units had a total technology and design upgrade.

Between brand new and second-hand cars are valid arguments to consider. Brand new cars’ value in the Philippines have streamed up and honestly, it is even harder to afford a brand-new vehicle. For the second-hand car, cost are less expensive since this has undergone to depreciation over the years however, a second-hand car is obviously not updated as the brand new car but is sold for a much lower cost. Let’s compare:


3 Reasons of Buying A Brand New Car

  • Can afford a higher rate for car loans or even cash

Buying power of the would-be owner will always be considered. Especially if a specific amount of fund is allotted for the payment of car loan and due.

That is actually the point and essence of buying a brand-new car. Since the features are updated and repairs will most likely happen after several years upon purchase, this is a thing to be considered.

  • No plans to resell the car

You want to maximize your driving car for years or decade until it reaches the end of it’s service life.


3 Reasons of Buying A Second-Hand Car

  • Can’t afford your desired model

If a brand-new version doesn’t fit your budget, then probably considering for the next best option: a second-hand car that is sold at a much lower price. It saves you around 10% to 70% of the vehicle’s original price while still enjoying it’s features.


  • You prefer a phased-out model

There’s a specific model that you’ve been wanting to drive even when it’s no longer sold in the market.


  • There’s a plan to resell the car in the future

If you’re an owner of a used car and have plans on reselling it in the future, then you had the greatest benefit in the second-hand car purchase. Especially if you had it customized, repainted, or upgraded with new features then you an sell it for even a higher price.

Buying a brand-new or second-hand car solely depends on the owner—budget and needs. There is no better answer from the other since both will benefit and get what they want according to their preferences.


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