Why you need to consider the color of your next car purchase


If you’re in the market to buy a new car, chances are one of the questions in your mind is which color to get.

There is nothing more alluring than a shimmering new car in your favorite color. Try to resist, because if you do base your next vehicle purchase on color alone you will be left with buyer’s remorse. And not many Filipino car dealers will respect you if all you care about in a car is the color. Good luck negotiating a discount if that is your intention.

If aesthetics is something you really value, then there is a tiny chance to convince you not to buy that snazzy red convertible. If you want to hear the downsides to aesthetic exquisiteness, pay attention some key reasons to put color in the backseat during your car purchasing manner.

For most people, they just usually choose the color that they really identify with. However, for some people, they really look at two things - maintenance and resale ability. 

People looking to cut down on car maintenance costs usually go for light colors like silver or grey. 


Since cars in these colors don’t get dirty as fast as others. As some say, dirt is not too visible with these colors.

This is opposed to cars in dark colors like black and red, which are very hard to clean. In fact, you’ll need to check for scratches more often since they are more obvious in these colors.


Another thing people tend to look at is resale ability. In a few years time, when you decide to let go of your car, you’ll be shocked that cars of the same model have different prices. Those having less popular colors tend to have depreciated their value more than those with popular colors.

Given these, we recommend looking at popular light colors when you’re in the market for a new car. They’re your best bet since they’re easy to maintain and their value will not depreciate as much as others.


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