3 secrets on how to remove adhesives from your car

Living in our country usually entails a lot of mandatory stickers on our windshields. From different usage such as induction stickers to village passes and school stickers. At the end of the day, we are all very meticulous with the look of our vehicle. As everyone knows, the mandatory government stickers change year on year.

The hassle of removing the old sticker can get a bit troublesome at most, not to mention it is very time consuming. Regardless, it’s a necessary evil so to say. Welcoming the year 2020 will yet come another set of stickers. Question comes to mind now, how do we remove old stickers and make your windshields in tip-top shape to put on the new one? Here are 5 secrets!



Nothing beats the master! No sticker residue at all!  Try spraying the sticker with WD 40, let it rest a minute and then gently scrape off. Afterwards wash the area with liquid dish detergent and it's gone. Get your now at blade.ph



This has been a classic. Hold an ice pack over the sticker for a few minutes to cool off the adhesive. Then, use a razor blade to remove the sticker.



You’ll be surprised by the number of things in this list that can be found in the comfort of your home, and vinegar is no exemption. To remove the sticker, heat up the vinegar, then take a piece of cloth and soak it. Then, place it on top of the sticker and wait for five minutes before you peel it off.


Turtle Wax Label & Sticker Remover

From the packaging itself, this product will surely get that nasty old sticker off in a glance! Easiest way to remove labels, adhesives, rubber cement, duct tape, glue and more. Versatile "sticky stuff" remover-great for cars and homes. Buy it online here


Rubbing alcohol

The most common tool people use to clean up stickers – rubbing alcohol. Just simply pour it on the old sticker then peel it off.


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