Mazda 2 vs Toyota Yaris

A few years back, everyone had a Mazda 3. Left and right you could literally see everyone sporting it. But now that that has died down, Mazda has been trying to release new models to gain back its popularity.  Today, they have also released the Mazda 2. A quick look at it will make you look twice. With its sleek and shiny exterior there’s no doubt that it’s a nice car. However, we Filipinos, are starting to finally be more practical. Given this, more and more people are opting for Toyota since it’s a heavy duty and dependable car. In fact, one of their most popular car models – the Yaris, can actually be compared to the Mazda 2.

Comparing the Yaris with the Mazda 2 is no easy fit. After all, they both look great and they are super affordable, economical, and very reliable.  However, if you’re at a crossroads at which of the two to pick, don’t fret! We’ll list down their respective pros and cons so you’ll be guided which one you like more.


Mazda 2

Cheaper – Yes, you read that right. The Mazda is indeed cheaper than the Yaris. Despite having almost the same features, they don’t have the same price.

Push-button – Though this is a common feature already, the Yaris comes with a key rather than the automatic push-button starter.

Fuel-efficient – The Mazda has a 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine that consumes an average of 5.4L/100km as compared to Yaris’ 6.4L/100km.


Toyota Yaris

Amazing Features - If you’re all about interiors and features, then you’d better get the Yaris. Apart from a 6.0-inch color touch screen it also comes with a six-speaker audio system and a reverse camera.

More Outlets – Well, there are Toyota centers left and right, so you won’t have a hard time looking for help when the need arises.

It is indeed a hard choice when it comes to these two cars. Despite the fact that they look almost the same, they also have their own pros and cons. Given all these, what’s your pick?


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