5 common mistakes people make when buying a new Car.

Ah yes, it’s close to Christmas already. With the release of the 13th month and the other bonuses your company will give you for the hard work you put in the whole year, it’s time to treat yourself to that brand new watch, that brand new phone or that brand new car you’ve been eyeing on for quite some time now. Just remember to think about your purchases thoroughly. However, if you’re really decided on getting a new car already, we highly advice you to be wary of these 3 mistakes people usually make when they purchase a new car.


Not doing your research

A car is very pricey. So, it pays if you have a background about that car you’re eyeing on. Does it have high fuel consumption? Do the features of the car address your needs? However, if you really don’t have a clue about cars, then we recommend getting your car junkie friend to help you out in the process.


Not doing a test drive

This is probably one of the most important things we can recommend. Please do a test drive before buying that car. Remember that nothing beats personal experience to see if that car is comfortable enough to drive for you.


Getting the car for the sticker price

People usually think that the sticker price is the final price. But what people don’t know is that the cost can actually go down depending on their negotiation skills. So, try to really read the details of the documents the sales agents hand out to you thoroughly. Who knows you might even get a 5% discount if you’re patient and well-informed enough.


Falling in love with a single model

When spending hundreds of thousands of pesos for a car, sentiment shouldn't rule the day. Becoming infatuated with a single model can blind you to alternative vehicles that may be better for your needs or make you skimp on thoroughly researching a vehicle's ratings, reviews, reliability, or safety and pricing information.


Know value of your current car

You would be surprised that you could get a great deal on your new car but lose all of the savings and more on your trade-in. That's why it's crucial that you research the value of your current car before buying your new one. Find out what both the used-car retail and wholesale prices are, so that you'll know what you should be able to get if you trade it in or if you sell it yourself. Do not rush it or you would regret it in the end.


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