Car Essentials for Every Girl Boss

Women often get unfair judgements when it comes to skills in driving. Could be it because female drivers exert more effort on the operating the steering wheel, legs are shorter to reach for the brakes, or whatever stereotype reason it is, research proves that women are better drivers than men. So, if you’re a woman reading this and drives her own car, or a guy looking for gift ideas to give a girl boss, this article is for you!

            Prepared are car essentials to keep a girl boss safe and comfortable while driving.

 Phone Charger, Php 314.78


Forgot to charge your phone at night? No worries, you can do it in the car while on your way to work. Bonus points is that this car charger has a quick charging time so you can keep your phone loaded up anytime anywhere.


 Phone Holder, Php 499.75

Mount your phone on a steady holder. It’s important to keep your eyes on the road for safe driving even while glancing at your phone from time to time.


 Spare Tire

You’ll never know when your cars will give up. Better keep a spare tire on your trunk for unexpected circumstances. After all, being a woman doesn’t mean you can’t change a flat tire on your own.


 Car Jack, Php 539.78

Having a flat tire is a hassle especially if you don’t have the right tools to help you change it. Prepare a car jack to help you jack your car up in changing tires.


 Booster Cables, Php 539.78

Having your car battery die on your way to work or to an important meeting is such a stress! Keep your battery going again with booster cables.


 Car Alarm and Auto Security System, Php 2,699.10

Install a car alarm and auto security system that has keyless entry and anti-theft protection. Safety is first priority.


 Bottled Water, Non-Perishable Food Items

Being stranded in the middle of the road with a hungry stomach will give you stress. Make sure to bring them in your kit, it’s much better prepared if unwanted situations arise.


Flashlight and Extra Batteries

A flashlight and extra batteries will keep you accompanied if changing a flat tire or boosting your battery happens in the dark.


 First Aid Kit

This is one of the car essentials every driver must drive without. Come prepared if someone in the car feels dizzy, or injured, or in pain. First Aid kit will help them feel better while you drive to the nearest hospital or clinic.


 Mentrual Period Kit

Every woman’s ‘red’ time of the month. Keep yourself free from bad mood swings and embarrassment by having extra pads, feminine wipes, and pantyliners all prepared in a bag or pouch.


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