5 reasons why online is the best avenue to sell your car.

Classified print ads still exist but is it worth every Peso? Don’t have the time to drop by on buy and sell car shops? Why give yourself the hassle? Save more time and money through online selling! With the rise of the digital era, there are a lot of avenues where you can sell your car. Here are 5 reasons why you should sell your vehicle the better way!


  1. Free of charge – online platforms such as social media via Facebook allows you to register and sell your used car for free. Yes, it’s for free. No need to pay for a classified ad with charges you per word and another charge for premium to add an image which are often grainy and watered down. There are a lot of Facebook groups where you can simply join and post details about your car, a couple of images and how much you are willing to sell it.


  1. No more waiting in line – You don’t need to wait for the next publication’s printing featuring your car ad. Will just a click of a button, your ad will go live instantly. The faster you post your ad, the quicker online exposure and chances of finding the suitable buyer comes! This also saves up a lot of time and money versus going to the buy and sell car shops or placing print advertisements. As the saying goes, “Time is gold”.


  1. Wider audience in a snap – We all know that classified ads are often limited to the area where your local publication are available. Selling your car online gives you limitless audience. Simply sharing your post online instantly captures and promotes your ad to your friends. Aside from the existing friends you have, you can also capture those who are outside your network by your post in several buy and sell groups in social media.


  1. Safer than selling in your own front yard! – Rather than parking your pre-loved vehicle with a “for sale” sticker in front or at the back, you’re not online exposing your car to unprecedented situations but also to harsh weathers, vandalism or reckless drivers. Keep your car safe by parking it in your own garage and maximize the online selling approach. This ensures that your vehicle remains in the same condition from the moment you advertised it online!


  1. Details and photos plays a big role – With proper description and details about your car, you easily give your buyers the idea of what is in store for them! It also increases the chances you quickly find a buyer. Make sure to take a photo of your vehicle in all angles, potential buyers value accurate descriptions and it rapidly helps you in getting solid leads.


Aside from these 5 reasons, make sure to properly communicate with those potential buyers messaging you in social media. Be honest in advising them of the details about your vehicle and what you offer. Save time and save money! 

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