Ashfall Go Away! Keeping your car clean from volcanic ash!

Did you know that the second largest volcanic eruption in this century happened in the Philippines? It occurred in Mt. Pinatubo on June 15th, 1991, bringing high speed avalanches of hot ash, gas, mud flows and a cloud of volcanic ash kilometers away.


On a normal Sunday, January 12, 2020, just days away from the new year, Taal volcano spewed ash unexpectedly, catching people off guard; creating anxiety to some locals. Ash fall hit some towns of Batangas, Tagaytay, and Laguna.


Motorists and car owners were affected drastically by this calamity since it was a usual family day for Filipino families. Ash can easily get caught by the exterior parts of a vehicle. Primarily the windshield, the roof, and of course, your paint.


Here are some tips and useful products to keep your car scratch-free and well maintained from volcanic ash.

Use pressurized water when removing ash from your vehicle. Check your air filters and cabin filters.  


Blade Large Car Cover

Use Blade Car Cover to protect your car from ash, dirt, and scratch by covering it with a removable cover.

Blade Car Shampoo

Shampooing your Car to remove dirt and unwanted odors.


Blade Wiper Wash

Maintain your windshield clean, Blade Wiper Wash is a concentrated formula that cleans and removes dirt, oil, and all blinding films for a safer vision.



Blade Flannel Dust Cloth Set of 6

Keep your vehicle dust and scratch free with the flannel dust cloth set of 6, really ideal for dusting, detailing and cleaning. Made from super soft cotton, Blade’s Flannel Dust Cloth Set of 6 will really dust the volcanic ash away from your car.


Blade Carnauba Car Wax

Carnauba Car Wax is designed to restore the appearance of damaged and dull paint and can produce a glossy shine finish.


WD-40 Specialist Brake & Parts Cleaner 450mL

Of course, it is safe to keep your parts clean from ash and dust, especially your brakes. It removes all sorts of dirt from your brakes, most important to avoid corrosion.


Microtex Ultra Glass & Interior Cloth

Microtex Ultra Glass & Interior Cloth is perfect for cleaning your windshield off of those volcanic ash. Its unique micro-structure makes it excellent for cleaning glass and lens. It is ideal for both dry and damp use, allowing the towel to attract dust, grease and grime like a magnet.


Mini Dustpan with Brush

After all those cleaning and dusting, the perfect tool to sweep the ash off your vehicle is the Mini Dustpan with Brush.


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