Basic Items You Should Always Have in Your Car

Basic tools to keep you safe and secure during drives

MODERN life can be hard and so is driving wherein you’re exposed to every safety hazard. Ensure your drive is always safe and pleasant with these essential tools to increase your odds of survival on the road.

Car Jump Starter

Dead batteries are no fun when you’re in the middle of nowhere or worse in traffic. This portable device enables you to jumpstart your car without the hassle of jumper cables. Today’s portable jumpstarters also doubles up as power bank so you can charge your phone, even with a flashlight good to illuminate hard to see areas of your car. 


Duct tape

It’s a simple and handy item to have. It’s multifunctional and occupies minimal space in your car. from damaged body work to fixes on hoses and parts, duct tape is a temporary fix to hold parts in place long enough to keep you from being stranded or bring it to a repair shop. Just be sure to get the sturdier, stickier, quality stuff which can withstand various temperatures and situations.

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Fuel/Gas container

Should you run out of fuel, a gas container comes in handy.

Plastic Fuel Tank 10-Liter Capacity 2010A (Red)

Tire care sealant

Should you get a flat tire, this tire care sealant should come in handy like the duct tape and hold your tire long enough to limp it to the repair shop.

TireCare Emergency Flat Tire Repair Kit

Tire pressure gauge

Avoid tire blowouts simply by keeping tabs on your tire pressure. This simple tool can also maximize your gas mileage and the life of the tires’ tread. 

  PRO TIP: Always check tire pressures before leaving especially when headed out on a long trip. Slow  leak can turn into a flat and going on extended highway cruising with an underinflated tire can be a serious problem.

Goodyear Tire Pressure Gauge GDY0002

First aid kit

Better be safe than sorry. From headaches to minor scrapes, it’s good to have for those tiny mishaps during travels.

Socket and screwdriver set

It’s good to have when parts come loose. This will come in handy with loose battery terminal connection or even a slipped hose clamp or disconnected sections.

With these tools on-hand you of have a better chance surviving and even preventing road mishaps. Always keep these basic items with you and create a regular car maintenance routine.

Tolsen 9PCS Hand Tools Set


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