How To Make Your Aircon Colder

We often hear that the Philippines is like a giant microwave. With the intense heat in the country, people can’t survive without an electric fan or an aircon. In fact, with the more affordable options in the market, it has become a necessity nowadays already.

Specific to cars, people usually can’t take it when they ride a car and there’s no aircon. Apart from being consumed with the heat from the outside, there’s also the additional pressure of being in a small space. Given this, people always try to make their aircon cold. If you aren’t familiar with these tried and tested hacks, then scroll down!


Clean and Top up the Engine

To keep air flowing freely, make sure that your cabin filter and fan belt are clean. Moreover, make sure that the refrigerant and coolant do not have any clogs.


Don’t Drive Too Fast

Whenever you accelerate, the power that fuels up your engine and your aircon is split. As such it will result to a lighter aircon. Make sure that you drive at a steady pace so that your power doesn’t have to divide the energy it provides.


Close Unused Vents

When driving alone, we recommend shutting off the unused vents. With this, the air will blow out faster and harder on the only vent that is opened.


Park in a Shaded Area

When a car is parked under a tree it will make the car cooler. Since it is not directly hit by the sun, which usually causes the slow cooling of the aircon because of the heat that is absorbed.


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