Basic things everyone needs in their Cars

We can never avoid unexpected occurrences. However, when we’re prepared, we can always get through them. And like all things, car mishaps are no exemption. When driving, you’ll never know when you need that spare tire so better have one prepared just in case. For those who own a car, here’s a list of tools you should have in your car.

Tire Pressure Gauge

This is probably the tool you’ll use the most from the list. It’s important to do weekly checkups on your tire’s pressure to avoid accidents. Grab the Good Year Tire Pressure Gauge GDY002 or any model that’s perfect for you at any Blade outlet.

Extra Tire

Flat tires can be a pain and a huge hassle if you don’t have a spare. So the next time you drive, make sure you have an extra one that fits perfectly for your car.

Jumper Cable

You’ll never know when your car’s battery might fail. Invest in a jumper cable that’s ready to start your car anytime, anywhere. Try sourcing for one that’s convenient and easy to use like our OMP Jump Starter.

Tool Set

When things come loose, this might be your lifesaver. Try out our Tolsen 9pcs Hand Tools Set. Though there might be a ton of different tools in the set, it’s best to know each of their functionality to maximize their use.  


A basic necessity you should never miss putting in your car. After all, you’ll never know, you might get stuck in the middle of the night somewhere where there’s no lamppost. So better pack up a flashlight, and add a few extra batteries just in case!

Duct Tape

No, we’re serious; you do need duct tape in your car. One of its many wonders is it can be a temporary fix to patch up your car until you arrive at a car repair shop.


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