Be attentive to people outside your car

As a Filipino, be a good citizen and remember that  you’re not the owner of the road, so be kind to others outside your car in order to make a better driving environment. By positive actions such as not stopping at the pedestrian lane and giving signals when changing lanes, we believe that you'll get a good impression of others on the road.

On the contrary, some bad behaviors like excessive honking or over speeding can trigger aggressiveness in others and lead to road rage and even potential disasters. So if you’re in bad a temper, try to take a deep breath and talk politely in a calm manner to avoid unnecessary arguments.

Don't be reckless 

Speed limits are essential for able to have safe driving and as a result, are imposed for all vehicle to reduce incidents resulting from over speeding. Don’t forget that you're not the only person to suffer from consequences of an accident, your passengers and other commuters on the road are also likely to be innocent victims of your recklessness. Hence, think of others and stop being selfish.

Say "thank you" or wave when another vehicle gives way 

This is a basic etiquette that we have been taught since an early age. Thanking or using facial gesture to show attitude is a normal way to respond when other drivers help and show their kindness to you. So don’t hesitate to do that whenever you can.

Park properly

Parking properly is the first thing you need to remember to become a good driver in the parking lot. You wouldn’t want to go viral in social media due to your unproperly parked vehicle right?


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