Since the dawn of time, round and black tires the norm for vehicles. Historically speaking, the first car tires were white. This was due to lack of carbon black or black tire paint in the early years. Of course, car tires have always been round in shape. But why do we use black tires?

The tire black color comes from a pigment used in the tire construction known as carbon black. These are not specific color pigments it is used to improve the properties of vulcanized rubber. Carbon black improves the rubber resistance to wear, increasing its durability and life span.


Aside from durability and , carbon black also has other benefits. The compound reduces the chance of deformation, the tires remain to its intended shape leading to less friction and rolling resistance as a result. It ensure less shock is transferred to the car.


Black tires for vanity purposes. Matching the tire wall black, this color ensures that it matches the wide variety of colors that cars nowadays have. Otherwise, manufacturers would have changed its color.


Speaking of aesthetics, wouldn’t you want your tires clean looking and car show ready? Using tire blacks doesn’t only keep your tires shiny and good looking, it also protects the rubber from aging. It gives your tires another layer of protection to ensure it is safe from all the harsh effects of the conditions it may be exposed to while on the road. It keeps tires easy to clean from tough dirt and grime.


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