How does ash fall affect vehicles?

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Volcanic ash can penetrate nearly every hole and roughen or scratch most surfaces, especially between moving parts of a car. Volcanic ash particles easily your vehicle’s clog air-filtration systems, which can ultimately lead to overheating and engine failure. Minor concentrations of volcanic ash particles inside your vehicle’s engine can cause extra engine wear. Transmissions experience extra wear after ingesting minute ash particles.

Seals on hydraulic components may wear out earlier than usual, and brakes and brake assemblies are especially weak to abrasion and clogging from ash. Trucks used to transport ash to disposal sites and other vehicles subjected to heavy ash exposure may require continuous brake attention.

Volcanic ash caught between windshields and wiper blades will scratch and lastingly mark the windshield glass, and windows are vulnerable to scratching each time they are raised, lowered, and cleaned. Deterioration of paintwork and exterior fittings may also result where ash is in contact with the exterior.

Here are some reminders to take note of when this unexpected situation happens:


 Turn off your AC

An ashfall that leaves a thick layer of ash may cause roofs to collapse,gutters, and interfere with air conditioning units.


The proper mask

Did you know that the common surgical masks don’t work against haze? Yes, you read that right. It is designed for fluid & blood spills. The mask that works is N95. Do tell your family and friends about it.


Make sure to cover your vehicle

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