Washing, buffing, and waxing are some of the maintenance tasks that you need to do regularly to protect the paint color and beauty of your car. Every car owner would love to see that shiny car on the street while driving or simply parked in their garage. Contaminants in the air and rough weather dull the car’s paintwork and you need to polish it to keep its shine intact. But, you need to know how to buff a car to enhance its look and keep it in a tip-top condition.

Buffing a car makes its exterior finish look astonishingly great. Doing it properly not only improves the polish of the vehicle but also removes engraving, small scratches, and oxidation from the body. It also adds a protective layer to the exterior.




Water and rinse the entire vehicle from the top and working your way down, wash one section at a time, rinsing the whole vehicle between each section. When your ride is squeaky clean, give it one final rinse and dry it off with the chamois working from top to bottom again.



The rotary spins fast which can generate a lot of heat on the surface that’s being polished. Use the masking tape to protect anything you don’t want to burn or scuff: headlights, taillights, badges, moldings, etc. If it’s plastic, mask it. Many cars have vinyl or painted pinstripes, so mask those too to prevent the buffing pad from damaging them.



Time to get to it! This is the interesting and exciting part! Buffing removes oxidation and light scratches that years of being exposed to the elements can do to a vehicle’s paint, leaving a brighter, glossy finish. Start with the wool pad and buffing compound. These are more abrasive, which is what takes out those minor scratches in the clear coat. Apply the compound directly to the car and spread it around a small section with the pad. Begin buffing by keeping the pad flat on the paint surface and alternating between up/down and left/right motions in a 2’x2′ section.


Now that we’ve got the scratches out, it’s time to give it a mirror smooth finish. Switch to the yellow foam pad and repeat the buffing process using the polishing compound. For best results, start with medium pressure on the surface and gradually reduce it until the compound is spread in a thin layer, then wipe it clean with a clean microfiber towel.



When you are done with everything, the last part is to do a clean-up. The scraps of the buffing compound are likely to be everywhere even after protecting those parts with masking tape. Simply scrub it all off with a microfiber tower.

Now, see the results! Your vehicle is now protected and shinier than ever! For all your buffing and cleaning items, head out now to the nearest Blade Auto Center and buy your very own Armor All product or visit and shop online!


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