Electronic handbrakes are taking over

Life is undoubtedly getting easier with the constant advancements in technology. In terms of cars, we’re hearing about new and amazing improvements by the year. 

Manufacturers constantly strive to make everyday driving easier for their patronizing customers, and an example of this is the electronic handbrake. Replacing the usual lever-operated system with a more modern and less labor-intensive equivalent. 

Today, car manufacturers have been releasing cars with electric handbrakes to give more space in the aisles. Gone are the days when people had to pull a (very) heavy handbrake lever to stop a moving car. For some people, this is good news, especially for those who like more spacious and modern cars. However, its best to always keep in mind that these advantages also come with a price. 

How does an electronic parking brake work?

A traditional handbrake is the usual norm in the automotive world – pull the lever up and you pull two cables which run to each of the rear brakes. By adding pressure to these cables, the brake pads squeeze against the discs (or drums) to clamp the rear wheels firmly in place. Some cars with disc brakes have separate handbrake drum-brake shoes or even a separate disc-brake caliper for the handbrake.

Put simply, an electronic parking brake replaces this mechanical system with an electrical one. By pressing the switch, motors on each brake caliper squeeze the pads into the disc. You’ll hear a reassuring whirring of the motors as the button is pressed (or pulled), meaning that you know that the car is held safely, which isn’t always a guarantee with a regular handbrake – it’s especially reassuring if you’re towing.

It’s only on or off

Electronic handbrakes have only two modes – on or off. This is completely different with the manual handbrake where you can control the amount of braking to pull off cool maneuvers. 

It isn’t one rule fits all

Car manufactures haven’t decided yet which way to engage the brake. Is it push or is it pull? This might be something to ponder on especially if you have a few cars. Since it might get a bit confusing to always have to remember which way to operate the handbrake for each car.

Are they worth it?

They certainly have their benefits. Electronic handbrakes hold more firmly than regular cable-operated brakes, and because there is (usually) no physical cable which can stretch over time.

They simplify the interior of cars too and gives more space. By removing a large lever from the center console, more room is freed up for other things, such as extra storage space, cup holders, or even more buttons! Oh yes! Buttons! 

The handbrake is an immensely important system of your vehicle, so it’s only natural that newfangled electrical versions are treated with suspicion. However, the electronic parking brake really is one of those things that quickly becomes second nature – just like all the best gadgets.


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