Car Cleaning Items that are Less than P150

Dirt, dust, mud, bird droppings, and normal road build up are some of the many things that can avert your car from looking its best. Constantly spending money on a car wash can be quite expensive and impractical, especially if you’re trying to stay within a budget.  So, instead of going to a car wash, you can keep these products on your car cleaning kit. Doing so will help you save a lot of money in the long run. Take note: the listed car care items are below P150 each!


Blade Car Shampoo 1L

Blade’s Car Shampoo is known to be gentle on wax, but tough on dirt! It is designed to remove stubborn road grime and dirt, and it helps maintain your car’s paint. Get this for only ₱134.78!

Blade Jumbo Pop-up Sponge SJB2105

For only ₱44.78 you can have a helping hand to gently clean your car.

Micromagic Super Coolant Concentrate 500mL

For the price of only ₱99.00, you may now get a base coolant with excellent overheating protection. It helps with all around corrosion protection, also compatible with rubber parts and non-foaming.

Blade Scratch Remover 200mL

Remove unwanted scratches, eliminate swirl marks, and restore the color and gloss of your car with Blade Scratch Remover for only ₱89.10!

Micromagic Rain Repellent 250ml (Yellow)

Seal your car’s gloss and improve wet weather driving visibility with Micromagic’s rain repellent for only ₱99.00

Blade Microfiber Cloth Set of 3

Made of high-quality microfibers, Blade’s Microfiber Cloth softly and effectively wipes the dirt and soap away. Available for only ₱79.20!

Blade Carnauba Car Wax 250mL

Protection for all types of paint finishes that will help give your car that spectacular showroom shine wis what the Blade Carnauba Car Wax is all about. Affordability and quality in a bottle for only ₱89.10!

3M Rubbing Compound 30mL Sachet

    Looking for an excellent shine that works on all types of automotive paints and leaves with a fine finish? 3M Rubbing Compound is available in sachet for only ₱69.75.

    Armor All Original Protectant 4oz / 118mL

    Protect your car from color cracking, fading, discoloration, and premature aging with Armor All Original Protectant for the price of ₱99.75.

      Chupa Chups CHP801 Liquid Air Freshener 4.5 mL (Cherry)

        Maintain the freshness of your car with the sweet scent of cherry from Chupa Chups. Available for only ₱129.75!


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