The Sad Reality of Owning Classic Cars

As they say, the classics never go out of style. In fact, big named companies are releasing classic designer bags again. And this is partially true for cars as well. Nowadays, people have started to invest in classic cars that were once the rage. This is attributed to the fact that baby-boomers are now buying their youth’s dream cars. Since they now have the money, they usually get it already. After all, it isn’t that much to register or insure anymore.


However, like anything else, things that are already old are attached with a lot of things to consider. You have to factor in things you don’t normally have to think about when purchasing a new model car. Not sure what we are talking about? Then, scroll down!



Old cars usually have rust. Since rust-proofing only became popular in the 90s, the car you are eyeing on might have been made of cheap steel or were poorly designed with rust traps. So, make sure you really check that car in person. Investigate properly and be on the look out for rust since it might give you a big headache later on.



Cars in the 70's or 80's only have paint that can last for a few years. In the earlier days, painting procedures and even the paint technology weren’t as good as today. So, think about whether the car you are purchasing is really any good since you’ll most likely have to shell out a lot of money for repainting the whole car.


Spare Parts

Yes, you might have a hard time looking for spare parts. Consider that the car is already really old. Most likely, the parts are not available anymore. You’ll have a hard time looking for even a small piece that’s normally easy to get for modern day cars.


More Prone To Car Theft

Ah yes, as mentioned, the technology of old cars aren’t as good as the ones we have now. As such, it is probably easier to steal than new cars. Given this, it is more appealing for thieves since they won’t have a hard time getting inside it. Yikes!


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