How to know when you need to bid goodbye to your car

Our cars are important to us. They are a big investment that’s why a lot of us really go out of their way to maintain and improve it. However, like all things, cars also have a lifespan. Though sometimes, when we get too attached, they are so hard to let go. So, how do you make sure that it really time to bid goodbye to your car? Here are 3 signs to look out for.


You’re spending too much on maintenance

Let’s be honest, when you spend too much on car maintenance, it just isn’t worth it. You need to maintain your car so that it will last long so you get the most cost per use from it. But when it spends more time at repair shops more than when you use it? Then it seems like it’s time to let it go.


It’s no longer safe to drive

Sometimes, when you’re driving, you’ll get this nagging feeling that a part of your car might come loose. And when you get too focused on that, you might come into an accident. So, before any of these stressful things happen, say goodbye to your car already.  


Some parts don’t work anymore

Let’s face it. You car should make your life easier. So, if some parts give you a headache to make them function, then it’s really time to let it go.


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